Priyanka lashes back at ‘Item Girls Are Prostitutes’ comment

Priyanka Chopra who is known to wear her mind on her sleeves has lashed out strongly against the comment that item girls are prostitutes. Just like many others the actress was reportedly left fuming when Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha declared that they will move the Supreme Court asking it to tag Item girls as prostitutes.

“I would like to move the court to stop these men from wearing pants because I don’t think they are man enough to stand up for the real issues, stop deflecting and start defending the women of the country,” retorted an angered Ms. Chopra.

An evidently angry star said that such kind of men should wear skirts because they are not acting like men should.

“Can I tell the court that don’t let such men wear pants, make them wear skirts because they are behaving like girls. It is stupid. It’s like saying that if a girl is wearing a small skirt then she should be raped. No, a girl is raped because a man raped her. It is as stupid and regressive as that. Anyone can move the court for anything these days. It’s bizarre,” the actress said.

The City hitmaker, also reacted vehemently to the recent Uber rape case saying that its high time men started respecting women.

“It worries me. It’s high time, women are respected. Men in the country need to change their mindset. That’s very very important. They need to start thinking that women are not just for pleasure, sex or taking care of the kitchen,” the star was quoted as saying.

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