Woah! it’s Kim Kardashian again, this time for PaperMag

Throwback Thursday’s images and many other hash tag images are being posted all over Instagram and have been spamming my Facebook wall ever since.

But this Wednesday when I woke up, as usual I was stuck to my phone reading FB posts and checking various Instagram images. You may call me a stalker but I like to view images posted by the people I follow especially if it’s related to food, travel, fashion or even selfies.

While I was catching up on my daily dose of images, I stumbled upon a certain Instagram post and trust me it caught my attention. Wondering what I am referring to? It was a post by the KARDASHIANS. And it was none other than Kim Kardashian West’s photoshoot for Papermag.

Although I wasn’t surprised on seeing her nude images, the photoshoot stuck to it’s campaign to #BreakTheInternet. Yesterday, the famous Kardashian beauty, Kim gave her fans a glimpse of her tonnes butt and today, the Internet has been flooded with a whole new set of images that have not only gone viral but has got everyone talking about it.


Yes, I am talking about her bare body! But this is not the first time that she has displayed her assets for the world to go ga-ga about. She has done it in the past as well, the last being her shoot for the cover of GQ. Seems like Kim doesn’t give a damn what people have to say but  her tonned assets sure say a thing.

Now nudity images means buckets of money. But here, Kim didn’t get paid a penny. Surprisingly reports stated that she didn’t accept money as she got to work with the famous and successful Jean-Paul Goude.

But again, it is possible that she didn’t get paid for dropping it all off? Well, I would disagree. But, we are not talking about anyone here. We are referring to paparazzi’s favourite: Kim Kardashian.

kim kardashian

This shoot has been making headlines now and everyone seems to be having an opinion about it. Although they have their opinions, I’m sure some would even want to try their hand at it.


Image courtesy: Papermag

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