All is not well between Chopra Sisters?

The latest buzz about the duo is that Parineeti Chopra, the Punjabi bubbly girl seems to cut a sorry figure. Recently remarked about her cousin  Priyanka Chopra’s absence of love life.

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Sources close revealed that Parineeti’s words haven’t gone too well with the elder sister, and that she warned Pari to ask her to be more cautious about remarks. “No one has the right to make statements about someone else’s personal life, no matter the relationship they share. This is not the first time Parineeti has spoken about PC. They are family and know more about each other than anyone else. But Priyanka is a public figure who has closely guarded her relationship status and one must respect that,” say close sources. It seems the sisters are not in talking terms

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 “In her interviews, Parineeti’s always heard talking about how she idolises Priyanka. But that doesn’t justify her taking liberties of this kind,” says a source. It seems that relationship of the sister is on the radar.

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