A Silly Point to Call Anushka A Spoilsport

By :  Dhananjay

New Delhi: Virat Kohli, the cricketing prodigy, failed only when sexy siren Bolly belle Anushka Sharma was around to rev him up.

Empirically a sexed up sportsman performs better, so imputing Virat’s spoilsport on Anushka is a silly point. To put it in a lighter vein, ‘sexercise’ is a very good tonic for six sprees in cricket.  In fact, ‘Band Baja Barat’ fame Anushka, who was allowed to accompany Virat to England tour, as good as a wife, on the premise that the duo were to walk down the aisle for sure, should have acted as a trigger for Virat’s batting talent.

It was not for nothing that Garry Kirsten, former cricketer and coach for erstwhile Indian cricket team, had advised cricketers to go for sex too along with practise on the field to improve their performance. Though commentators at that time had dubbed his advice as ‘no ball’, sexologists, ‘umpires of sex’, give full marks to this advice. According to them, a satisfying sexual spell around cricketing innings do wonders on cricketers.

Going by what sexologists hold, chemistry between sexy siren Anushka and Virat should have yielded a plenty for Indian team instead of delivering disappointment. In fact, the mandate of Anushka was to deliver a performing Virat Kohli on the pitch.

A number of surveys so far have been undertaken to assess benefits of sex. It has emerged that they are booster of performance, not a spoilsport. That is why doctors too have started prescribing sexercise like they do exercise. Dr. Anup Dheer, a well known andrologist at Apollo and Alfa Group One, says, ‘PK fame Anushka is being made a scapegoat. It is just a coincidence that Virat failed when her girl friend was accompanying her. The fact is he is in a very bad from. Making sex or girl friend a villain of the piece is a sheer nonsense. Without Anushka, Virat would have been worse off.  Researches, so far, bear witness to the fact that a couple of sexual encounters in a week improve performance also in sports including cricket.’

anuska sharma and Virat kholi in England

Dr. Dheer also dismisses wife-girl friend binary. He says, ‘A girl friend would rather be more inspiring than wife. Bollywood belles could be a fund of boost for the performance of our sportspersons if they have even temporary flings with them.’ Dr. Prakash Kothari, an internationally known Sexologist, also holds the same view. One of his sayings is very famous. He says, ‘Good ‘indoor performance’ leads to commensurate performance in outdoor performance’

Virat Kohli has elicited a lot of flaks for poor form in the recently concluded test series. BCCI has blamed his girlfriend, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, and is making a ‘silly point’ that wives and girlfriends on tours can be a major distraction.


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