Anushka and Virat: Nothing to Hide

Our ever bubbly Anushka sharma has finally decided to come clean about her status with beau Virat. Although the cricketer recently spoke at length about his lady love we guess it was Anushka’s turn to talk!

The svelte actress made it clear to a group of paparazzi’s that there was nothing to hide about her relation with Virat but that doesn’t mean she will talk about it in public.

“Nobody is hiding anything. We are living our life very normally. It’s just that we don’t want to talk about our relationship,” the star was quoted as saying.

Virat-To-Skip-IPL-To-Visit-Anushka-On-Her-Birthday  anushka virat

The actress, who is busy promoting her much anticipated movie PK said that although she isn’t hiding anything she isn’t just very keen to make it a topic of coffee table discussion for everyone.

“We can’t subject it to entertainment news. We will not hide if you guys see us together, but we will not talk about it,” she said.

The actress also made it quite clear that she will only be comfortable discussing about such private issues with her friends. Clearly speaking about it to the whole world isn’t her way of doing it.

Guess after her heartbreak with Ranveer singh, Anushka is a typical case of once bitten twice shy! And anyway who would want to take chances when you have a boyfriend like Virat? Are we right Anushka?

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