Mary Kom: Release stalled in the place where it all started.

The much-awaited biopic of Olympic medal-winning boxer, MC Mary Kom, played by Priyanka Chopra, is all set to release on September 5, 2014.

While the entire nation is eagerly awaiting to catch a glimpse of mighty Priyanka pack some punch on-screen, it is rumoured that `Mary Kom` is unlikely to release in the fiery boxer`s hometown, Manipur.

mary kom

According to the leading media channel, it’s not just ‘Mary Kom’ but all Hindi films are banned for approximately 15 years now. It is also reported that separatists organisations took the step to protect the Manipur culture to be undermined.

The ban has been imposed by separatist group `Revolutionary Peoples Front`, who wish to make Manipur an independent socialist state. The group even conducted raids and confiscated thousands of video cassettes of various Hindi films.

Utpal Borpujari, an Assamese filmmaker said, “In today’s globalised world, such bans have no meaning as everyone can access films through DTH networks and the internet. There’s no point in banning films from a particular language or culture except perhaps scoring some political brownie points for the militant group involved. It will be in the spirit of things if the film, ‘Mary Kom’,gets released in Manipur so that Manipuris can see how the story of one of them has been told on a large canvas. And why only ‘Mary Kom’, films from any language should be screened wherever there is a market for it. Even if one concedes, for argument’s sake, that Bollywood films are a bad influence, does it mean that the rich Manipuri culture is so weak that it can get affected by such films? It’s best is to let people decide about these things.”mary kom

However, this is not the only hurdle that `Mary Kom` is likely to face, another one being that the Manipuris are not too happy with PC depicting the boxer on screen. Apparently, they wanted a North-Eastern to step into the shoes of MC Mary Kom.

Looks like the trouble for Priyanka’s most ambitious movie aren’t going to end any time soon!

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