Tweet Faux-pas: Most amazing tweet mistakes made by celebrities

Micro-blogging site, Twitter is the platform which allows star struck fans to get in touch with their favourite celebrities in real time. Twitter is the social media site which all the B-town celebrities (more or less) use as a means to socialize with the rest of the world, carry on promotions and also give small glimpses of their own lives to the world. They talk, they express, they connect via Twitter. In a world, where a celebrity sneezing becomes the trending news, you can imagine the amount of overwhelming responses they can get from their beloved admirers, non-admirers even if a little error takes place in their tweets; especially when the mistakes are quite embarrassing ones! Let’s talk about three dedicated celebrities on Twitter who have made Tweet mistakes, quite interesting ones…and awkward ones too! Sometimes it’s about selling errors, sometimes not having a proper ‘get-your-facts-straight’ from Google, and sometimes the misery of auto correct! Alas!

Amitabh Bachchan

The iconic Bollywood star, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has made it quite big in doing Tweet faux-pas! During the London Olympics, 2012; he made a boo-boo not once but twice while expressing his excitement and happiness over the Indians performing in the same.


Big B 1


The first one happened when Big B was overwhelmed at Mary Kom’s win of the fourth Olympic medal (Bronze). In an attempt to put his thoughts into words perhaps, he forgot to do a Goggle check before calling the Manipuri lady an Assamese…An oops moment for the Shanhenshah! Although he had quickly corrected his mistake within few minutes, the tweet went quite viral.

Big b 2



Another instance relates to the Man of rings, Vijender Singh who could not achieve an accolade in London Olympics, 2012. Big B in his attempt to sympathise landed up making an alphabet swap in the boxer’s name by calling him Vijendra and not Vijender! Oouch!

Big B 3

Needless to say, the mistake was corrected instantly.


Big B 4




Shahid Kapoor

The London Olympics, 2012 seemed to have received quite a few oops moments from the B-town celebs! Another name added along with Senior Bachchan is Shahid Kapoor who forgot to go through his tweet for a spelling check before posting it.


Shahid 1


Shahid misspelled the name of five times World boxing Champion, Mary Kom as Mary Com! It was too late for him to correct the error that the mistake went viral…poor Shahid!

Shahid 2

Back in 2011, during the premier of ‘Mausam’, excited Shahid wanted to share with his friends how his girl ‘gang’ of stylists were choosing his premier attire for him. The tweet came out to be terribly wrong when he misspelled one ‘g’ with a faulty ‘d’. The hapless actor immediately received a wave of hilarious responses and corrected his mistake.

His tweet was “(Mausam) premier (sic) tonight my girlgand deciding what i should wear :),” Later, he tweeted to correct his mistake, “Hahahaha my typo trending … Pata hota to roz karta is mahine yaar..” (No picture available)

Jackky Bhagnani

But the final slice of the cake has been stolen by the youngest Prime Minister of the Youngistaan, Jackky Bhagnani. Recently, after the announcement of the Nobel laureates, in an attempt to congratulate Malala Yousafzai for winning Nobel Peace award, Jackky’s congratulation tweet went haywire with amazing auto correct errors. The tweet became all spiced up when ‘Malala’ became ‘Masala’ by mistake. And also the priceless Nobel ‘prize ‘ became ‘price’.




So, there goes your top 3 celebrities responsible for embarrassing yet funny Tweet faux-pas! Which one is your favourite? Take a pick!

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