Yo Yo Honey Singh gives a party anthem!

Getting the essence of Singham’s character in a song would have been hard for Yo Yo but the talented rapper does the job well. Starting with describing Singham’s hulking physique he goes on to say how this policewala is enraged and will stop at nothing to set things straight!

Ajay Devgn who isn’t much of a dancer keeps to his angry looks throughout the video but an effervescent Kareena Kapoor makes up for it with her Marathi mulgimoves! The actor looks lovely in a kashta saree and boy is she proud of her angry young man!

The highlight of the track is the little kid who is fuming with rage and even Honey Singh can’t calm him down! We had a blast watching this video. Here revel in the madness and tell us if you too found Yo Yo’s track rocking!

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