Satyamev Jayate is Back With Some Excellent Changes You’d Want To Know About

‘Satyamev Jayate’, no doubt is a show that broke boundaries on Indian television. Immensely popular in it’s last two seasons, the show is back with it’s third season on October 5th 2014, but this time, with a few interesting changes and ‘Mumkin Hai’ as a tagline.


The show that has earlier focused on issues such as dowry, rape, inter caste marriages and others that have plagued the our country now promises to be back with an aim to inspire and create hope and positivity.

The promos have been making rounds for the last few days and can be viewed on Youtube too.


The show comes back with an interesting twist this season – a live interaction which will take place right after the main show. Viewers can participate in this live session by calling on a specified number via which they will get a chance to interact with Aamir live and give their opinions and suggestions on the issue of the day. Viewers can also voice their opinions via social media. Aamir Khan gives the complete details in this video.

And on an ending note we’d like to say that ‘Satyamev Jayate’ isn’t a show that only talks about issues for the episodes and then forgets about them. The issues are actually taken forward. You can read more about the developments from season 2 on their site here.

Image source: Official Satyamev Jayate Page

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