Benedict Cumberbatch next as ‘Doctor Strange’- Marvel’s Official Announcement

While we have seen Benedict’s compelling and intense performance in his popular character of Sherlock, the next role in his list is of ‘Doctor Strange.’


Marvel Entertainment officially announced about the movie on their twitter handle confirming that they have roped in Benedict for the role of Sorcerer Supreme.

‘Doctor Strange’, a character full of mystery falls under the category of a super hero. A very compelling character, the role will demand a dark personality and spirit. Seeing Benedict’s past performances, the choice is truly apt.

It is going to be a new journey for the actor as well. He will be entering in the world of mystic arts like never before. Magic would be his passion and he will be surrounded by darkness and sorcery.


The film will be directed by Scott Derrickson, well-known for his horror films like ‘’The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ and ‘Sinister.’ The story goes in a way where Benedict, a neurosurgeon will lose his memory after a terrific car crash. Post this accident, he will transcend and explore the world of magic, alien to humans.

Benedict has been acclaimed for his roles like BBC’s popular series ‘Sherlock’. Its season 4 is all set to hit the screen in January 2015. His recent performance as a mathematician Alan Turing in ‘The Imitation Game’ might bring him close to the Oscar victory.

With ‘Doctor Strange’ on cards for Benedict, he would join the league of adventurous super heroes flashing their magical commands.

‘Doctor Strange’ is schedule to arrive at the theaters in November 2016. A long wait for the fans indeed!

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