Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian’s Wildly Popular New App

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the latest smash hit gaming app from Glu Games has had her fans hooked to this mobile video game, of course, when they are not watching the popular TV show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

This new game has thrilled Kardashian, as it has garnered a massive response. The TV personality has collaborated with the developers during different aspects of the game’s design, she has personally chosen the in-game costumes, accessories and hairstyles. She has also given the in-game audio commentary. The app has the distinction of being the only game in the top 10 with a larger number of reviewers giving it a five star rating.

 The app is simple, and players have to create a celebrity who will be mentored by Kardashian herself and they have to make climb the ladders of Hollywood to become an A-List celebrity from an E-List. So basically players will be playing in pursuit of fame in Hollywood.

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Tips and Tricks

Home Tips:

  • If players buy more homes, then they will also be able to purchase more furniture and this will mean they will able to rise faster to the A-List.
  • Both clothes and furniture will help players to date and network faster.

Money and Reward Tips:

  • Players will be able to pick up extra money in Kardash Calabasas, Kardash Miami, Kardash New York and So Chic Downtown LA.
  • Players will also be able to grab some free money and silver stars by watching videos and completing offers.
  • If players want to get unlimited energy, then they have to close the game and go to device settings. Here they have to set the time 30 to 60 minutes ahead. When you open the game, the energy will now be refilled.
  • Players will also be able to collect hidden rewards twice at events that are being held at clubs, restaurants and bars. But they have to enter the location and the event and have to tap the same wine bottle twice.
  • Make more friends and add as many as possible to the contact list. This will help to get gig bonuses.
  • Buying of pets will get more rewards.
  • Before the disappearance of money and rewards, players must collect them after the task is completed.
  • Players will get experience points if they meet people and guess their names correctly.
  • A good way to save money is to avoid paying rent. This can be done by not going to your home.



Jobs Tips:

  • If players run out of money, then they better take a job at the store or click on an object in the scene. Stores pay better than gigs.
  • Getting five stars on each gig will mean faster rise and more money plus fame.
  • Start gigs when the energy is full.
  • Shorter duration gigs are easier to complete.
  • Inviting people to the join players on the gig will earn more rewards.

People and Dating Tips:

  • Friends from Facebook and Game Center will help players rise their fame quotient faster.
  • Players must date people who are higher than you on the list. This helps in increasing your fame.
  • Start dates when energy is full. This will help to complete the gig and get five stars.
  • Buying more drinks at the bar gossips will help gain more experience points.
  • Players must make use of their silver stars wisely.
  • Players need to charm only the right people like people in entertainment and who are above you in the list.
  • Do not let yourself be dumped. If players have started dating someone, make sure that you go out on a date.

Other Tips:

  • If players will have to increase their star power, then let paparazzi notice you.
  • New clothes will either add to your star power or will add to your love power.
  • Pick up anything and everything you see, since you never know when it will be useful.
  • Talk to everyone that you see.
  • For faster energy, players can tap on objects like fire hydrants, newspaper boxes, signs, and birds. Transom objects drop little lightning bolts that are also energy.


How much Money will Kim Kardashian be getting?

The game is currently one of the top five apps in Top Grossing Charts section at the iTunes store. It has been estimated that the app will be able to take home $200 million in revenue at the end of 2014,Bloomberg reported.

 Daily Mail has reported that the actor will be getting around 45 percent of net profits from the game, means she will be making about $85 million.

Download the app for free on iPhone andAndroid devices.

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