Was Patrick Dempsey Fired From Grey’s Anatomy?

Shonda Rhimes is considered to be one of the most powerful women in the television universe! So, whatever happened between the actor who played Derek Shepherd and the Grey’s creator came as a surprise to the other actors. James Pickens Jr., the Jackson Avery of the show, admitted that he had no idea McDreamy was going to die.

“We didn’t know a whole lot. It was kind of on the fly,” Pickens told ABC News. “So whatever information we got, we pretty much got it kind of right before it happened.”

Was Patrick Dempsey Fired From Grey’s Anatomy?

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It is speculated that Mcdreamy of the television world was fired from the show for having a rumored affair with an intern on set. Rhimes is known for getting rid of troublesome cast members on her various shows.
Derek Shepherd was shockingly killed off in a car crash before the Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 finale. While Patrick Dempsey had expressed a desire to eventually leave the show, McDreamy’s death seemed to come out of nowhere. Dempsey had even signed a contract to appear in Season 12.

I guess Shonda Rhimes is looking to restructure the entire show. Fans have been disappointed by Rhimes so many times, that they have started taking deaths lightly! We don’t know what Shonda has in store for us next season but whatever it is Greys Anatomy will never be the same without our beloved characters…

Let’s take a moment to remember all the main character deaths which broke our hearts…

Dr. Mark Sloan- McSteamy

Was Patrick Dempsey Fired From Grey’s Anatomy?

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Dr. Lexie Grey

Was Patrick Dempsey Fired From Grey’s Anatomy?

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Dr. George O’Malley

Was Patrick Dempsey Fired From Grey’s Anatomy?

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Denny Duquette

Was Patrick Dempsey Fired From Grey’s Anatomy?

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