Lets be fair: An apology to the fairer sex.

Being a woman sucks in India. But what sucked more until now, was the attitude of men. But a group of men are now in a bid to bring about the much needed change. Change that we all talk about but change that never materializes.


The video has Rajit Kapur,Neil  Bhoopalam, Meiyang Chang and Sorabh Pant talking about how, as Indian men, they are disgusted by the fact that Indian women don’t feel safe in their own country. The video talks about the issues faced by women almost daily. Subtle sexism at work to outright patriarchal domination of women. It also discusses sexual harassment and how the guilty should be punished for it.

A plausible alternate solution suggested is that of castration propagating the ‘tooth for tooth and eye for eye’ adage but the men are aware of the barbarity of it and hence do not offer a firm solution. However, it is not their duty to provide us a solution, nor did they set out to give us a solution in the first place. They only promise to respect their own duty to protect women’s rights which is a refreshing change.

The video is an important one since it has men acknowledging that violence that exists against women in India. Feminists have always emphasized  that men too must engage and speak out against sexual harassment, rape and violence against women.

If there is anything that you must see on the internet today. Make it this. Watch and think over it. And let us know what you have to say about it..

kanika singh

A dreamer by profession and also a literature student. A passionate lover of black coffee and reading. She would prefer spending time falling in love with her favorite literary characters than updating her Facebook status'. She bleeds sarcasm and not blood but would like to believe she is a kind, ancient soul.

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