Sometimes, it’s all about expressing : ‘Paper Boat’

A feature which is probably out of notice from a number of social networking sites, yet this one certainly needs a watch. Paper boat postcard has concocted this video depicting an issue which is effortlessly ignored by the individuals far and wide.

The feature begins with a story of a little child. The time ranges back to those childhood days when technology had still not taken control of our lives. It looks at those times when adolescence implied going out and playing with friends, growing up listening to myths like that of a tree growing in our tummy if we swallow watermelon seeds. It took us back to the fun we had with friends, to the drawings we made that all appeared to be similar. But amidst this fun there were things we didn’t prefer, things we would need to flee from. These things were nonstop “bothering” from our fathers or the elder ones of the house. Study properly, concentrate while studying, less TV, have haircuts regularly, don’t have cold water after playing an outdoor game etc. These things were excessively irritating when we were a child, we didn’t understand the vitality or the reason behind the consistent bothering.

Later, when the child in the feature is all grown up and has moved to an alternate city, working in a multinational he understands that life wasn’t simple. He wouldn’t have been in this enormous firm if his father didn’t make him study hard, he wouldn’t be so trained and well mannered if there was nobody correcting him throughout. He additionally understands that life is hard to manage, the bills, the bosses, the due dates and so forth. Life is brimming with obligations, agony, disappointment and this was precisely what his father experienced as well yet never demonstrated. Indeed his father had bills to pay, had the stresses of life he has at this moment.

The protagonist recalls once again those youth days where his father continued indicating his oversights and adjusted him when he wasn’t right, where he took most extreme forethought of him. He ponders that after living with his father for a long time, does he truly know what his father was like, what his life was like! Back then, he took things lightly, however now, an adult, he understands that all the bothering and irritating was for his own good, for his better future.

One fine day, the protagonist discovers a blank post card in his letter box, the paper boat postcard and it makes him acknowledge what he was missing out on. He was missing his father, missing staying with him, missing his father who corrected him on every slip-up. He composes a letter to his father expressing what he means to him, the extent to which he adores him and acknowledging everything his father did for his betterment.

Simply a little letter, a motion of communicating your affection to your parents is sufficient to make them feel that their parenthood was a success. All your parents need is to be loved by you. So what are you waiting for? You exactly know what to do! After all, ONLY YOU CAN MAKE YOUR MEMORIES SWEETER.

Vishakha Sodha

Actor by passion. Writer by profession. Fashion Designer by qualification. Journalism student by fault! Avid reader and an imaginary traveler. Hogger and obviously a selfie addict!

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