Katrina-Ranbir engaged? Wow!

Katrina seems to be surely on a roll these days. After all she is the one who finally belled the wild cat named Ranbir Kapoor. Yes! You heard us right. The couple has taken their relationship to the next level of commitment.

According to the reports, the much hyped couple got engaged during their recent Christmas Holidays in London. The lovebirds had flown to Kat’s home city for vacation. But now it seems the trip was much more than just Christmas celebrations.

The ceremony was organized by Katrina’s family that resides in London. Even Ranbir’s parents Neetu and Rishi kapoor flew down to see their son getting hitched. It was a low key affair and was attended only by close relatives.

Well we are happy that this love story is going along the right trajectory. First the Ibiza trip, then moving in together and now exchanging rings! Although we may not know about the wedding dates yet we know that marriage is surely on the cards!

Ashya Mishra

Nothing makes me happier than food but I am also a traveller and a writer. My ultimate goal in life is to fit in size 'S' and because I am an eternal optimist I know I am going to look like Katrina one day!

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