Bipasha Basu and Harman Baweja Unsure Of Their Relationship’s Future

A few days back, rumours were doing the rounds that Bipasha and Harman were going through a rough patch because of his closeness with a foreign model. It was reported that there was some infidelity on Harman’s part and Bipasha Basu was quite upset with this. Close friends though, had apparently told Bipasha to move over this, and give her beau another chance.


The latest news however, is that, both Bipasha and Harman have taken some time off. The couple, in a recent joint statement stated that they were having their differences and were unsure whether they will continue or not. The two however, quashed all reports of infidelity and said that their break has nothing to do with the reasons mentioned in the rumours. They also requested the media to respect their privacy and not publish such news without verifying them first.

Bipasha Basu is currently in Thailand with a friend, enjoying the sun, sand and sea. She flew out of India on October 29th.



The future of their relationship remains to be seen.

(Images sourced from Bipasha’s Instgram account and Harman’s Twitter account)


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