Kapil Sharma’s three film deal with Yashraj Films scrapped!

As per a statement, Kapil Sharma, the famous stand-up comedian’s deal with one of the top production houses of India, YRF, has been called off. The TV celeb is no more a part of the three film deal as of now.

As a result he is also out of his debut film, Bank Chor, which had garnered much hype. Apparently, the actKapilSharmaYRFofferor was becoming too interfering to handle, if the sources are to be believed.

It was even difficult to find a lead actress alongside Kapil. Some reports say that he even wanted to tweak the script to put in his own recommendations.

YRF spokesman, Rafiq Gangjee, has also confirmed, ” Yes, YRF and Kapil have decided to part ways overall. That covers Bank Chor as well as the three-film contract. It is a mutual decision that Kapil is no longer doing our film. The film is very much on and will now go on floors without him.” Kapil Sharma himself however could not be reached for a comment on this issue.


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