Why Sharon Stone became Lovehoney of All Time

Dhananjay Kumar

New Delhi, January 17: The most erotic element about Hollywood’s yesteryear hot movie Basic Instinct is how the director Paul Verhoeven led Sharon Stone up the garden path to disrobe her virginity.

The director got sexy siren Sharon Stone take off her underwear on some alibi and clicked her deceptively. The result was her immortal leg crossing pose without lingerie. The real element in the ‘reel’ pose is what made this scene all the meatier.  Needless to say that raw sexy pose of Sharon Stone proved a clincher in the voting this week in London for grading erotic films. Basic Instincts was named the most erotic film of all time.


As we feel hot about steamy Bipasha scenes in recently released Bollywood film Alone, Sharon Stone’ssexy saga poses a real tough competition to our sizzling dusky Bong Bombshell.


Sharon Stone’s lingerie less leg crossing left only a little to the imagination. And for that ‘little’ unseen, she has become an eternal fixture in the realm of every man’s fantasy. Her signature sexy leg crossing pose cast her eroticism as though in stone-indelible for ever. The 1992 Hollywood thriller grossed hugely at the box office, thanks to this scene. Film buffs went crazy and repeated Basic Instinct umpteenth of times just for that steamy leg crossing as if the next time they would have the glimpse of that ‘little’ left unseen.

The titillating story is the director asked Stone to take her under wear off, saying its brightness was interfering with the camera. Gullible that she was, she could not smell the booby trap. As she took her lingerie off, the camera clicked on the sly. When she came to know of it later, she initially showed anger but cooled off without much fuss. This scene also created history for being most paused one scene so far.


Other element adding value to the eroticism was that Sharon Stone was in person in all the intimate and steamy scenes. So the chemistry between Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone seemed real life sex encounters. The shooting of the main sex scene in the film staggered on for about a week. The sexy scenes in the film made Sharon Stone Lovehoney ( Lovehoney is the name of the sex toy company which got the voting done) of all time.

Sex toy major Lovehoney polled 1,000 people to do erotic gradation. The company makes all the official Fifty Shades of Grey sex products. Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger’s erotic food play in 9 Weeks came second in the reckoning.  Tom Cruise’s Eyes Wide Shut trailed behind third. Dangerous Liaisons and Last Tango In Paris came 4th and 5th respectively.


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