Bigg Boss 8 – Wild Entry Card Entry and Changing Dynamics

They say Bigg Boss is a house where relationship dynamics change every day and today’s episode was a sneak peek of that. A new contestant, a new captain, a nomination and lots of drama is what happened on today’s (16th Oct.) episode!



The contestants were woken up in the middle of the night with lots of dancers and loud music to welcome singer Ali Quili Mirza. Bigg Boss welcomed Ali to the house and announced him as the first captain of the house. Apart from enjoying all the privileges of the house (sleeping on the big bed, being safe from nominations, etc), he could distribute tasks among the house mates and even punish them if they broke a rule.

Ali took to being a captain like a fish takes to water. He immediately assigned chores and told everyone that they aren’t on a picnic at the Bigg Boss house. It was clear he meant business as a captain. He also made his intention clear to Puneet that he is here to break the groups, a move that explained why he paired Gautam and Diandra together in the chores. The inmates were also unhappy over the way the kitchen chore is being handled by Ali who is in no mood to listen.

While a lot of people such as Diandra and Sushant were clearly not too fond of him, others such as Pritam, Praneet and Puneet are happy about his entry. Arya was seen praising his chore distribution because it put everyone out of their comfort zone.

At one point in time, Alia calls Sushant, who is relaxing in the outside area, back to the house because one of the glasses in the house wasn’t too clean. One could see the agitation on Sushant’s face, but he chose to keep mum about it.




On day 1 itself, Bigg Boss put the responsibility of two big decisions on the new captain’s shoulders. First, Ali had to nominate one contestant  straight away for the eliminations and he named Sushant because of his lack of general enthusiasm and his habit of sleeping during the day time. While Sushant did not react much to this at the moment, he did talk about how he got a negative vibe from Ali later on.

The second decision that was in Ali’s hands was that of deciding if Pritam, Puneet and Gautam can start living like regular contestants (currently they cannot use any luxuries of the house). Each of the 3 had to come and explain to Ali why they deserved the luxuries of the house and who they would nominate in their place. Between the two, it would be Ali who would have to take the call. Gautam nominated Minissha because she didn’t do much work according to him and Pritam nominated Soni because he felt she wasn’t too careful about what the quantity of food she cooked. Arya also volunteered to take Pritam’s place as a kind gesture for a friend. Puneet did not nominate anyone. Ultimately, Ali put Minissha in place of Gautam and Arya in place of Pritam.




When Pritam spoke about Soni’s food habits, Puneet wanted to have his say on the issue too. He spoke about how she would cook food and take it for her brother (referring to Upen) and both of them would sit on the bed and have it amongst themselves only. The issue that Pritam raised was Soni cooking extra ‘fast’ food when only she had to eat it, however, Puneet ended up being slightly unclear on what exactly his problem was. He remained in the “why are you bringing brother -sister relationship in the game” zone but also spoke about how that actually did not matter to him. Soni, upset with so much drama over her ‘fast’ (vrath) food declared that she will not eat on Fridays and was later seen shedding a few tears while other members, including Praneet consoled her.




Towards the end of the day, Praneet, Pritam and Arya were seen sitting and discussing the behevaiour of Puneet. They spoke about how he doesn’t do the tasks properly and chooses to sit in the corner instead and makes comments and cribs. Praneet said that while it’s great that he looks at everyone here as children from his point of view, at the end of the day, they are all on the same level as co-contestants. Everyone knew that Puneet Issar shared a great rapport with Praneet and Pritam. But after today’s conversation, we’re curious to see what turn their relationship takes.


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