Bigg Boss 8 Update: Were Minissha Lamba And Arya Babbar In A Relationship?

A few days back, Minissha Lamba had mentioned to Deepshikha Nagpal that Arya Babbar had called her before the show and put forth a proposal of faking a romance in the Bigg Boss house to improve their chances of winning (Read more about that here) the show. But the recent of episode of Shanivaar Ka Vaar with Salman (11th Oct, Saturday) has brought to light some very surprising facts and of course, a whole lot of drama!




Salman called Arya to the confession room to have a one on one chat with him. Salman started off by telling him that his behaviour in the house was far beyond his age, much like a grandfather. He then advised Arya to act his age and have fun in the house and not get too serious and caught up in other’s problems.

The topic then came to that of Minissha Lamba. Salman told Arya about the fake romantic proposal talk the actress had had with a fellow house mate. Arya was surprised and denied the allegation. He said it was Minissha who got in touch with him first and he only asked the actress if it would be okay to hug her or hold hands since she had a boyfriend. When Minissha said no, Arya understood and dropped the matter right there. Arya even went on to swear on his mother, that this was all there was to this whole story. Salman ended the conversation by saying that while he considered Minissha a friend, maybe Minissha did not.




Once outside the confession room, Salman brought up the topic of the fake proposal once again, this time with Minissha. She repeated what she told everyone Deepshikha earlier and stood by her words. Arya, who was clearly flustered by now, once again repeated, this time in front of everyone that it was Minissha who the first to get in touch. He then went on to reveal that the two were in fact involved in a romantic relationship earlier on and had broken up on mutual consensus.  Minissha was clearly taken aback with this reveal and even had a confused expression, however Arya told her to let him finish. When he did, Minissha chose to remain mum and said that if she chooses to say something now, it will just result in a lot of mud slinging.




After Arya’s big reveal about his and Minissha’s relationship, things took a turn for the worse for him. Not only all the housemates, but even Salman chided him for bringing in things from the past and outside the show. Salman told him that he only wanted to know whether Minissha considers him a friend or not and this was not expected at all. At various points, Salman even hinted to Arya to stop, but the hints clearly went unnoticed. Almost the entire house sided with Minissha and Arya was clearly frustrated. He stated that he was not the bad and cunning person he was made out to be and that he wanted to get out of the show. Unfortunately/fortunately, the actor was declared safe from elimination. The show ended with Arya throwing his mic into the pool and having a conversation with Diandra about the whole issue.

Whether or not he is reprimanded for throwing his mic into the pool and his equation with Minissha Lamba in the coming weeks remains to be seen.

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