Bigg Boss update: Puneet Issar’s wife hugs Karishma Tanna, gets mixed reaction on twitter

Yesterday’s episode, was probably one of the most emotional ones for Puneet Issar. It so happened that the inmates of the house were engaged in a task called “freeze and release.” When asked to freeze, they had to stand in a still position and could only move on the command of release by Bigg Boss. During the task, Puneet’s wife Deepali Issar was seen entering the house and hugging her hubby. Puneet who was in a helpless state could no nothing but stand still, shedding tears in the process.Deepali greeted rest of the inmates and surprised all when she embraced Karishma Tanna warmly. Where on one hand her hug is being called an act of generosity, on the other it has raised several eyebrows. Earlier, Puneet and Deepali’s daughter Nivriti allegedly posted a tweet which stirred a massive controversy. She defamed Karishma by making a personal remark on her father, and was bashed by the viewers. Deepali’s act in yesterday’s episode hence is being termed as a desperate measure to save the family’s reputation.


People have taken to Twitter, to voice their opinion about the same. Those in favour of Deepali’s gesture towards Karishma wrote ,” Puneet issar’s wife stole my heart by hugging karishma. Respect for the lady. #BiggBoss8” whereas there were others who stated,” Wish @PuneetIssar’s wife had told her daughters to send a virtual HUG to @karishma_tanna She just came to clarify the family image #BB8 NO?

Well even though it might be a stint by Deepali do damage control, we feel the warm gesture was shaped out of a genuine concern and intent.

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