SICK! Puneet’s daughter post nasty tweet about Karishma’s father

If you believe all the hatred and drama among contestants is restricted to the Bigg Boss house itself then you have just got it all wrong.  Puneet Issar and Karishma Tanna are known for their heated arguments which now have become a daily routine. But it seems even his daughter, Nivriti, is not ready to spare Karishma and has made insensitive personal remarks on Twitter.

Nivriti posted this on her twitter account which instantly got viral and irked the Twitterati.

nivriti p issar tweet




Karishma’s father, reportedly, died a few years back and Karishma is often seen on the show mentioning her late father and how she misses him. So this tweet by Nivriti comes as a surprise and should be condemned. Karishma’s fans and supporters have not taken this tweet in the right spirits and since then, have been buzzing Twitter with their hate tweets.

After sometime, Nivriti changed her name from NIVRITI.P.ISSAR 🙂 on Twitter to Nivriti Issar and also protected all her tweets.Puneet’s daughter has stooped to another level and her tweet was awfully disgusting. Nivriti took it a bit too far and was extremely rude. Certainly Nivriti needs to take some manner lessons at home.

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