“A woman’s clothing incites and provokes men to rape …”

Well, dear men your uncovered face provokes me to slap you, may I proceed?

We thank Bol Public Bol for going out onto the streets of India and confirming the idioticity of Indian men. The response of these men is in one word – infuriating!

To begin with – no supernatural being ever assigned men the task to decide a woman’s position in society and hello there, a woman’s clothes are not a measure of her respect at any time or day. If elderly men in traditional Indian households can roam around the whole house dressed in a single piece of cloth called dhoti (remain half-naked) then why do women of the same household need to be covered from head to toe? What sort of equality is this?

If no one objects when our brothers/ fathers/ uncles move around the house in vest and boxers (and sometimes in just boxers) because they can’t bear the heat during summers, then do they think that we women are walking talking air conditioners who never feel hot?

So what we may conclude from the video is that if we wear short clothes then men out there may assume that we girls are actually feeling super horny and passing ‘hints’ and you may pounce on me at 1..2…and 3! And well.. well ladies, these men just gave you the best solution to avoid rape – COVER yourself from head to toe and you will never get raped ! Like seriously?

When will the public understand that rape is not about a woman’s clothes or her body language? Men who rape are behaving according to a belief system which says they have the right to own, dominate and punish women and to use rape to control them. But where did such a belief system come from?

A research shows that approximately 75% of young men believe that “it is al-right to force a young woman to have sex if she has ‘led him on’. In other words they believe they have the right to use violence to make a girl do what they want, regardless of that girl’s wishes, rights or needs.”

When so many boys and men believe that it is al-right to use a little force to have sex and when so many believe that when women say “no” they really mean “yes” or that somehow women enjoy being raped, rape becomes an extension of normally accepted male behaviour.

And well there is the other lot of men who rape women because some untold power gave them the liberty to assume that well, ‘good’ women won’t ask for ‘it’ so you give it to them … forcefully? No man!  She just couldn’t ask for it. She has been taught not to! So come on men, go on. Rape! Because you know what ……..’good’ women won’t ask for it………………………………………………………..

India’s future in terms of women’s safety doesn’t look good to me and well this video just made it even clearer. Watch the video.

P.S. – The article totally sympathises with that certain population of men around the world who face verbal and even physical abuse as a result of generalization.

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A feminist at heart & a dreamer in every sense. Currently pursuing Masters in English from J.N.U & absorbing every bit of this unbelievably beautiful place.

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