Bollywood Badshah Khan refers to Mr. Perfectionist as ‘Half Actor’!

Despite the emergence of new actors in Bollywood, the ‘Khan Trinity’ has ruled the Indian film industry over a decade. While Aamir Khan and Salman Khan have been good friends since long, it’s not a secret that Shahrukh khan doesn’t have affinity with the other two khans. We have often seen that the Khans never miss a chance to mock at each other. Shahrukh Khan who has been busy these days promoting his new film ‘Happy New year’ was yet again in a mood to mock one of the khans.


Shahrukh Khan with his entire team of ‘Happy New Year’ was at Vancouver for the ’SLAM! The Tour’ to promote the film. It so happened that singer-composer Yo Yo Honey Singh had to miss the tour due to injury. The organisers had to change the format of the concert and the entire cast was asked to sing a song on stage. Boman Irani who is also the part of the film ‘Happy New Year’ chose the song ‘Give me some sunshine’ from the movie ‘3 Idiots’. Irani had played the role of professor- Viru Sahaastrabuddhe in 3 idiots. After Irani finished his song, Shahrukh Khan asked the name of the movie from which the song was. Boman Irani replied ‘3 Idiots’. SRK then asked Boman to name the lead actor in the film, to which he replied Aamir Khan.  It was then Shahrukh Khan used the term ‘Half Actor’ for Aamir Khan. “Itne bade stars stage pe khade hai, yeh aadhe hero ka song kyun gaya?” quizzed SRK.

This is not the first time that SRK has attacked Aamir Khan and both the actors have been involved in the war of words earlier too. SRK had made fun of Aamir Khan’s PK poster and also for giving Indian award functions a miss while attending the Oscars.

Shahrukh Khan has been currently busy promoting his movie ‘Happy New Year’ releasing this Diwali while Aamir’s PK would hit the box office this December. Now whether Shahrukh was trying to be funny or was is it a publicity stunt will be cleared only once Aamir replies to it. Till then let’s wait and watch!

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