If you are a Bollywood buff, you certainly know the importance of celeb interviews! You are always all ears for anything, just about anything that these showbiz hunks and divas have to say. Even if these stars are just repeating lines from their very last interviews, they always have loyal listeners! But there are certain celeb-statements we have heard many a time, and know just too well that there’s a clear hidden meaning to them. B-Towners say it simply because they mean the opposite of it! And interestingly, we all (the actors, the interviewers as well as the fans) know the truth! Let’s put it in a simpler way – our very ‘smart’ Bollywood actors have always something else running into their heads when they make some politically correct, headline-worthy statements!

From confirming or denying relationships to criticizing co-actors, there are certain cliches that our Bollywood stars abide by.

Here is a list of some of the phrases that you may have heard before and their actual meaning.

What they say: We are just good friends!
What they really Mean: We are definitely dating, but who knows we might lose interest in each other after a few weeks!

What they say: “I don’t want my films to do 100-crore business; I just want people to appreciate my acting”
What they really mean: Why the hell my films are not becoming commercially successful!

What they say:’I will never wear a bikini or kiss onscreen…
What they really mean:’…unless the money is rrrreally good.’

What they say: I get along with all my co stars and compete only with myself!
What they really mean:’I totally do and have an entire team in place to keep close track of their every move so I don’t lose out on plum projects and juicy gossip.

What they say:”My role in the film is very different.”
What they really mean: Gotcha! It’s the same kind of role I have been doing for decades!

What they say: “I’m reading several scripts currently”
What they really mean:  I’m jobless. Please help!

And that’s how Bollywood’s business runs!