Indiawale made ‘Charlie’ by Badshah and Co.

New Delhi, October 6: It is ‘official’ now that people (Indiawale) including Jaya Bachhan were made Charlie (fool) by Badshah and Co. By the way, the cinema name of Shahrukh Khan in ‘Happy New Year’ is Charlie too. Cash register of ‘HNY’ is ringing, singing, dancing and still counting to the bewilderment of all thinking mind.


Film critics be damned. They better keep their ‘stars’ in their wallet for saner times. ‘HNY’ has called their bluffs with élan. The magic of Shahrukh is in the fact that one of the most ‘nonsensical’ films has made a great ‘sense’ at the box office. Shahrukh .ak.a. Badshah and his cohorts are laughing all the way to banks. ‘HNY’ having already grossed jaw dropping astronomical 300 crore, film critics have once again learnt it the bitterest way that Bollywood is not Academia. Tickle a few bones and trigger some hormones are what it takes to make a film successful. The alchemist better knows it. Last Hurrah of a film lies on the box office collection. ‘HNY’ has shown it in full measure. Film critics will lick their wounds for a long time to come. Contrary to what they had predicted, ‘HNY’ proved to be a gate crasher of sorts and the quickest one to enter the 100 crore club.


‘HNY’ subsists on a heist storyline directed by Farah Khan. The star cast is a laundry list of biggies- Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, Vivaan Shah and Jackie Shroff  but you cannot make head or tail of what is big deal that they have congregated together save and except to take people for a ride.  Giving this film a Shakespearean aura, we can very well apply Macbeth’s lines with a little alteration in a comic context– ‘HNY is tale told by an idiot full of dance, music and singing signifying nothing.’

That the film is ‘fabulously’ nonsensical has been made ‘official’ by none other than Jaya Bachhan, a great actress of yesteryears and mother of Abhishek Bachhan who has acted ‘stupidly’ in ‘HNY’. In a Mumbai program, Jaya was at her acerbic best when she said, ‘HNY is the most nonsensical film I have seen in recent years’. She has made no bones about his son acting ‘stupidly’ in the film.

People of all hue, adult, old and children are relishing the film as if they are relishing ‘April Fool’ day, even at the cost of being made Charlie.


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