Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘Mast Mast Do Nain’ ready for donation!

New Delhi, October 30: ‘Dabang’ Salman Khan might have been enamored by Sonakshi Sinha’s beautiful eyes (mast mast do nain) but they could be of anybody’s because she has pledged her eyes for donation.

‘Dabang’ fame, Sonakshi Sinha has joined hands with Mahindru Foundations to enhance eye donations which are not commensurate with the massive need in India. Bollywood’s leading lady Sonakshi has signed up as the brand ambassador of Mahindra Foundation. Given the popularity of the Bihari Bolly babe, it is highly hoped that her pitch will go a long way towards eradicating curable blindness. Mahindru Foundation is a trust dedicated towards eradication of curable blindness. Sonakshi will endeavour to motivate people to pledge their eyes which can bring colours in others lives.

Given the large number of deaths in accidents that happen in India, there could be surplus harvesting of cornea from cadavers but people here, due to superstitions, hesitate to go in for eye donation. Surprisingly, in neighbouring Sri lanka, people come forward  and the country has surplus. Sri Lanka donates corneas to other countries too.

Sonakshi Sinha said on the occasion, “I am totally with this cause and will do all I can to augment eye pledge for eye donations.”She appealed to her fans and friends to pledge their eyes for the cause. She further said, ” Mahindru Foundation has done a lot to provide eye care for the poor. I am proud and humbled to be associated with this cause. As stars, we get very busy with shoots but it is very satisfying to do our bit to help improve someone’s life. I am happy that Mahindru Foundation is taking this initiative pan India.”

Aanand Mahendroo, Bollywood Producer / Director and Director of Mahindru Foundation, says, “India has the largest population of blind or partially blind people in the world but ironically 80% of these cases are fully curable. Corneal blindness can be totally eradicated if more people come forward to donate their eyes.


We are extremely excited to have Sonkashi Sinha as our Brand Ambassador. Shatru ji and Poonam ji are very philanthropic and that has rubbed on to their daughter Sonakshi, who is very socially responsible and aware. We appreciate her efforts to associate with this cause. We are certain that a popular star like Sonakshi supporting the cause will create more awareness about eye donation and encourage many people to come forward and pledge their eyes.”  Through this association, Mahindru Foundation aims to create awareness on treating curable blindness in India and raising funds for the upcoming Eye Banks.


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