Sunny Leone steps into Mumta Kulkarni’s shoes

A photographer, Jayesh Sheth, intends on making a film on the ‘sex symbol of the 90s, Mamta Kulkarni’. He plans to rope in Sunny Leone to play the role.

Only a month ago, he had announced his intentions and now, rumours a buzz that the lead will be none other than the current ‘sex symbol’ Sunny Leone. Many years ago, Sheth had clicked topless images of Mamta for a magazine that sent her flying into Bollywood.

Mamta Kulkarni's Stardust magazine cover

Sheth said, “Sunny came to my mind as she bears great resemblance to Mamta – a sensuous body with an innocent face. But now its too early to say anything, at least till the time I finish writing the script. I have some other names in mind, but Sunny comes closest to Mamta.”

The original script was about a struggling actor who made it big and then fell in the pit of stardom. However, the script needed to undergo changes as there were reports of Mamta’s detention in a Kenyan drug bust last month, hence his climax too would undergo changes. “Hopefully, the film will roll by early next year,” says Sheth.

Sunny Leone

But the shocking news came in later when reports did the rounds that Sunny wasn’t aware of this project. She says, “Sorry, I have not heard anything about this.” But it’s been Sunny’s history to not talk about her films until she signs the deal.

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