`Dawn of the Planet of the Apes` Highest box office collection

Washington: `Dawn of the Planet of the Apes` has topped the US box office for the second consecutive week.

However, the Fox sequel fell 50 percent to 36 million dollars for a domestic total of 139 dollars million and overseas, it took in another 61 million dollars from 50 markets for a foreign total of 103 million dollars and world cume of 242 million dollars, suggest reports.

`The Purge: Anarchy` earned the position of no. 2 with 28.4 million dollars, while

`Planes: Fire and Rescue` underwhelms with 18 million dollars;

`Sex Tape` at no. 4 was Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel`s new R-rated comedy, with 15 million dollars and

`Transformers: Age of Extinction` rounded out the top five, grossing 227.2 million dollars in its fourth weekend

but Richard Linklater`s `Boyhood` quickly became a hit at the specialty box office.

Although, this weekend brought quiet a bad news for the summer box office as the revenue in North America dropped to 24 percent over the same time frame in 2013.

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