Neha Dhupia Style File – A glimpse of her best looks

A lot of Bollywood ladies have brought their A game when it comes to fashion but there is one lady who truly stands out and that is Neha Dhupia! She not only has her own distinct style, she also has the ability to wear the most simplest things and just take the look up a notch by styling it the way she does.

Today Bollywood takes a look at some of her best looks.


Neha Dhupia often wears Indian outfits that are a little ‘hatke,’ and ones that often give out a very rustic feel.

The Blue Goddess – There’s so much volume in that outfit and those palazzo pants and they aren’t exactly easy to carry off, but Neha just does it with so much ease!



Prints Galore -Let’s face it, most people would drown in the layers of fabric and the number of prints in this outfit. Neha not only manages to stay afloat, but also emerges as a super, duper chic!



Sober But Lovely – We love, love, love this sober kurta and palazzo pants that Neha is wearing here. She’s teamed it up with simple silver necklaces, round black sunglasses and sleek ponytail and all three decisions seem to be working in her favour majorly.




Neha Dhupia carries regular Indian wear equally well. Want proof? See below.

The Ombre Anarkali – Dainty, pastel colours, and a flow-ey silhouette, there’s nothing we don’t love here!



Gorgeous Green – This green anarkali with gold embroidery is absolutely lovely. The colour compliments her skin tone well, the straight and side hair is a thumps up and we love how she chose to go big on earrings and not the necklace.



The Brocade & The Blues – Each season has it’s colours and over the last few years, it’s mostly been the reds, oranges and pinks that have been in focus. Trust Neha to pick something that is a little out of the ordinary and wear it like she owns it! The hair, the earrings, the duppatta, there is not one thing we’d change about the look!





There are some outfits that Neha wears, that you just know, only she could have carried off. We take a look at few of those too!

Royally Yours – This stunning blue dress is absolutely beautiful but incredibly difficult to pull off. The colour, the fabric and the sequencing add a very heavy vibe to the dress and only a person with a strong personality can carry it off. And yes, Neha does so, pretty easily!



The Offbeat Kurta – Let’s face the harsh truth – if any of us wore it, we’d look like potato sacks. But when Neha wore it, she looked drop dead gorgeous!




Peacock Colours – While blue and green is a classic combination, darker shades of both the colours worn together can be overbearing. But of course, not on Neha. She looks lovely! We’re also loving the loose bun.




Sharply Dressed – Carrying off a printed top paired with a printed skirt is no easy feat, but not for this fashionista. The middle parted ponytail and the pointed shoes are smart additions to the look, taking it a level up.





Business Chic – It’s a simple pink dress, but the the blue coat gives it a whole new look. Sticking to only earrings and no other jewellery, Neha keeps things simple, yet so interesting!



The Stripped Maxi – Pinstripes are often used in formal wear, but trust Neha to not only wear an informal maxi dress with the print but even own every bit of it!



Keeping It Simple – A classy white crop top paired with an equally classy black skirt and the classic clutch, the hair tied back and the gorgeous ring are making this whole look, look oh-so-good!



Holiday Chic – Dressing for a vacation is tricky because style needs to meet comfort and Neha dresses keeping both aspects in mind so effortlessly! The tights, black and white top and the leather jacket seem to get along like pieces of the same puzzle. And the purse provides just the right amount of pop of colour!



Light And Lovely – The white dress with the natural make up, lightly tussled hair, all seem to have only one aim – Make Neha look amazing! Good news, they suceeded and how!





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