Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Disqualified For Using Physical Violence With Arya

Tuesday unfolded some major drama for Bigg Boss viewers as they saw the eldest contestant, Puneet Issar being ousted for using physical violence, not the first, but the second time around!

It all started with a task where Puneet had to turn a wheel around. Arya held the wheel and stood, thus blocking Puneet from turning it around. In anger, Puneet pinned Arya down, taking him down by the neck first.


Arya was obviously upset and went straight inside the confession room to have a talk with Bigg Boss. While he did not put forth the idea of taking the veteran actor out of the game, he definitely did want some action to be taken in this case.While other inmates did push him on to put forth what he wants as punishment for Puneet, Arya refused to do so and trusted Bigg Boss to take the right decision.

It was only after speaking to both, Arya and Puneet together, did Bigg Boss take this decision.


While most inmates were expecting a punishment coming along for Puneet, no one expected him to be actually evicted. The move, clearly took back quite a few contestants, but almost everyone knew Puneet was at fault here. Gautam was seen crying his eyes out at this decision, and even after Puneet left.

It is indeed interesting to note, that this isn’t the first time Puneet has used violence. In an earlier task, he got violent with Gautam too. What remains to be seen though, is how the vibe inside the house will be tomorrow, after such a controversial day.

(Images sourced via Bigg Boss/Colors Tv’s official website)

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